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Oct 15, 2003

Lucky Hunter

Since I was a young fellow I have been called lucky. Great situations and success just seemed to come my way. This good fortune I have always pertained to my huge desire to create my own luck and successes. If there is a bit more unknown that goes along with my desire I am plenty happy to just ponder it. This luck I have carried along with me to Kodiak Island the last four springs. A land like no other, it is a floating magical kingdom. Here I visited Rohrers Bear Camp and all my experiences I can only describe as almost enchanted and unrestrictedly lucky. A Bear hunter’s paradise.

Dick Rohrer runs a first class Bear & Deer hunting operation a slim thirty-minute floatplane flight out of the main seaport town of Kodiak. Video camera in tow, backpack on, and hip boots pulled up, snuggled into my wool jacket, I let myself gain the comfortable feel of Rohrers warm welcome. Each spring becomes more natural with me spending most of my time with one of my new best friends Sam who is Dick’s son, and a young hunting adventurer now in his early twenties. Sam and I have solved a lot of life’s mysteries while sitting on spotting knobs waiting for the rain to pass. We have named lakes such as Honeymoon Lake, watched countless Brown Bears exhibiting uncanny behaviour and shared woops of joy with numerous hunters. Men such as Bob Patten, Dennis Campbell, and Marlin Brewbaker all who took memorable bears on hard earned hunts, all sharing in the luck./p>

I have adventured with Hiram J. Newcomer who has worked with Dick since the last Ice Age. Travelled over the land behind Hiram and client Jerry Hindy when we 
paided our Sea Shell token at the entrance tree in order to pass into the Magical Kingdom. This is Hiram’s special valley where the legend remains that if you don’t pay your token you will not be lucky. Once you know Hiram J. you won’t argue. I can only describe Hiram J. as part of Alaskan culture and one heck of a poet. 

Hiram and I found our video and hunting luck with hunter Bruce Davis. Hiram was telling of the passing of his ole best friend when he spotted two big bores in a foot 
race leading into battle. We put the victor to bed and stalked him to our success but not before Hiram gave homage to his best friends story that brought all of us luck that day.

Lucky moments should always be looked back upon, pondered over then let lye. Sometimes the coincidence of luck can be far greater than the mind can muster up reasoning for. Many days I have spent in the field based out of Rohrer’s Bear Camp, many opportunities have come my way. I recall guide Allen Huling stalking a perfect ending to Ken Greer’s eleven days of patience. I was only along on that final day and held my camera as steady as my beating heart would allow. What a climb, what a shot. To see Allen perform perfectly and to witness Ken fulfill a dream was greater luck than my mind could ponder. 

Rohrer Bear Camps good friend and part time guide Dave Pingree guided me to my own ten footer! Only four days did that bear tag burn a hole in my pocket, I shot from the beach into the breaks. I was lucky to gain the opportunity to hunt one of Rohrers bear tags, luckier to have that big old bear walk out where he did. What a thrill!

To sum up my good fortune of being able to spend time in the field is to say I have hunted with Dick Rohrer. To see Dick weave a path through dead Salmon Berry 
bushes and Alder, using his finesse, experience and wisdom for FNAWS donate hunter Steve Nelson was a lucky experience. A nine-foot honey blond bore was the reward. I have visited numerous places following Dick and his clients,” many a little HONEY HOLE”. Dale Goglers 10’3 Brown Bear may well be the climatic peak to a lucky ending. Natural hunting instincts leading into this giant bear standing on his hind legs at twenty-four yards. Certainly amazing about describes it. The bear runs out to about one hundred and fifty yards where Dale drops it with one shot off his knee. An exceptional job of guiding by Dick and shooting by Dale though I may have been the luckiest by catching Dick at his best on video! 

So all you lucky people out there I wish the best as I say goodbye to Kodiak Island and Rohrer’s Bear Camp. I will sum up my Kodiak experiences and the word 
lucky this way. Luck is where preparation meets opportunity and has you end up in Rohrer’s Bear Camp with a bear tag burning a hole in your pocket. Take care, and may your lucky experiences leave you pondering… 
Bart Lancaster 


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