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Bart and Cam Lancaster purchased Lancaster's Fraser Canyon Outfitters in 1998.  The business is now owned by Bart.  The main focus is predator hunting for cougar, lynx, bobcat, wolf, coyote and black bears.  We also hunt a handful of mule deer and moose trips per year.  The crew at LFCO is known for 110% effort at all times during your trip.  We pride ourselves on success and never quit working for the client.  We have a very nice base camp with full amenities such as sat tv, internet, 2 showers and 3 bathrooms, home cooked meals and comfortable sitting and dining area's.  Full bedding provided.  Our location is 1 ½ hours West of Williams Lake B.C. Which you reach via Vancouver B.C.  Our transportation is mostly pick-up truck and some snow machine operating.  

We make a habit if weather is conducive to start early and finish late afternoon.  Through the process of the day we work as a team as much as possible and merit that style to our success.  3 cat  Predator hunting is not a typical style hunt, such as antlered game.  It requires a different approach that is best described as “organized chaos”.  Attempt to describe a predator hunt never works but people always achieve smile's and fond memories.  All we ask is to enter our camp with a happy attitude and we do our best to have you leaving with a fulfilling smile.  

We will pick you up and drop you off at Williams Lake airport.  Licence and tags will be waiting for you in camp.  We purchase these for you ahead of time.  Travel contact info will be relayed to you ahead of time. 

A main point to recognize is LFCO is dedicated to dog hunting.  We are not a spot and stalk black bear outfit.  If you have a love for dog hunting then this is the place for you.  Fair chase black bear bay up hunts is a passion of ours.  We exercise and pre season train our hounds to be in ready shape for success.  We love the circling speed chases of the lynx and many day pursuits of big tom cougars.  The challenges of figuring out bobcat double backs and high tree locates all fill our souls with outdoor thrills.  Come join us on an adventure.  


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