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Over the course of 2016, opportunity in Northern BC has presented itself to me. Northern BC contains some of the most scenic landscapes in the Northern Rocky Mountains and provides backcountry tourism opportunities on an international level. Lush alpine meadows, forested valley bottoms, serrated peaks, glaciers waterfalls and large valley lakes dominate this Mountainous landscape. The species we hunt in our area offer you excellent opportunities for Plains Bison, Stone Sheep, Mountain Goat, Rocky Mountain Elk, Canadian Moose, Mountain Caribou, Mule Deer, White-Tailed Deer, Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Wolf, Lynx, Coyote.

Conscientious game management and conservation over the years have protected the exceptional wildlife population. With strong numbers in all species. This area has good reputation for both game harvested, and quality of trophies.

- Stone Sheep -that has been harvested the past few years, have been of excellent quality and is extending itsr ranges into the territory to the East Rockies.

- Mountain Goat is also plentiful. Goats taken each year with areas within the territory unhunted.

- Canadian Moose is trophy class and plentiful, ranging between 50 and 60 inch.

- Rocky Mountain Elk population is strong with great chances of harvesting a gorgeous bull with either bow or rifle.

- Mountain Caribou is plentiful and is an excellent trophy.

- Grizzly Bear population is at an all time high in this area. Hunting pressure in the last few years has steadily decreased, due to a limited number of permits being allocated to resident and non-resident hunters. For these true silver tipped Mountain Grizzlies come in at 7 foot to 9 foot.

- Black Bear; Our area is located in the high country, this bear can be hunted later in the season and still produce an outstanding trophy. In the fall the mountainsides are rich in blueberries - the bears primary food source - therefore most of our hunts are conducted in these areas. Our hunt is spot and stalk.

- Bison; The Bison is the northwest's largest land animal. It is called the Buffalo. In the early 1900's the Buffalo had been labeled a species at risk. Applying proper conservation methods the number of bison in North  America is on the increase and the species are no longer at risk. We hunt Free-Range Plains Bison.

The commercial airline arrival and exit point will be Fort St. John, British Columbia. You will be required to spend a night on arrival and departure in one of Fort St. John's many hotels. We will be greeting you on arrival, “when we can”, to help move you to your hotel. At times you will be required to catch a taxi to your destination. If that arrises we will meet you in the morning at your hotel. Clients will be provided with a contact phone # to travel with. This number you can correspond with if you have any travel interruption along route to the point of contact. You can contact hotels by going online to Fort St. John's, British Columbia hotels or contact any of the following phone #'s:

*Best Western | (250) 787-7555

*Holiday Inn Express | (250) 787-7737

Northern Grand Hotel | (250) 787-0521

Stonebridge Hotel | (250) 263-6880

Super 8 | (250) 785-7588

Pomeroy Inn & Suites | (250) 262-3030


 PRICES - 2017

Mountain Goat       $12,000 USD ALL INCUDED

Grizzly Bear           $18,000 USD ALL INCUDED

Buffalo                   $12,000 USD ALL INCUDED

Antlered Game      $8,800 USD ALL INCUDED  (Canadian Moose, Elk, Caribou, Mule Deer, Whitetailed Deer)

Bonus Animals      $3,675 USD ALL INCUDED (Canadian Moose, Elk, Caribou, Mule Deer, Whitetailed Deer)

Chartered Flights  $1,000 USD is collected on behalf of each client for chartered flying



-Hunt 1        Arrive July 29-Depart August 12

-Hunt 2        Arrive Aug 10-Depart August 23

-Hunt 3        Arrive Aug 23-Depart September 5

-Hunt 4        Arrive Sept 3-Depart September 16

-Hunt 5        Arrive Sept 14-Depart September 27

-Hunt 6        Arrive Sept 25-Depart October 8

-Buffalo 1    Arrive Nov 1-Depart November 10

-Buffalo 2    Arrive Nov 9-Depart November 18

-Buffalo 3    Arrive Nov 18-Depart November 27

-Buffalo 4    Arrive Nov 27-Depart December 6

Hunts start Nov 1 and run through to december 6. Possible late season Jan-Feb hunts available.

Opening hunt dates: Sheep Aug. 1, Elk-Moose-Caribou Aug. 15, Mtn. Goat Aug. 25, Buffalo Oct. 1, Whitetail-Mule Deer Sept. 10, Grizzly Sept. 1, Black Bear Aug. 15, Wolf Aug. 1

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Moose, Elk, Caribou, Goat, Sheep, Bison, Deer, Grizzly, B.Bear, Wolf Gallery


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